For people who can draw (update bigger picture)

5 08 2010

Update: Example look here(hmm actually have to register to see… orz):

Good news! Everyone knows that in Prince Maker 3 you can change your son’s clothes right? There is an activity going on in alfagame forum. You can draw any clothes you want, sketches is ok too. If they like your idea it’ll be one of the clothes in Chapter 2.

The prizes are actually in the form of forum money which is not much use if you don’t use the forum. ^^; But having your own clothes in the game is really great reward already. If anyone is interested I can instruct you to register one. Please post here.(Don’t directly post your email but put your email in the email blank)

They accept:
Sketches – 3三界币(forum money)
Coloured and more detailed drawings(but need their artist to redraw,recolour) – 5三界币
Drawings that can be directly used in the game – 20三界币

What they need(with example):
Headress(crown?), Face(mask?), Clothes, Waist item(belt?).

Draw based on this avatar:

Deadline: 31 August 2010

If you have good ideas for Baiyu’s wardrobe, please take this opportunity.

Activity Thread is here:




2 responses

29 03 2011

I see that it’s been a while since the last update. Is this game still being tranlated or has it been abandoned? Too bad I didn’t find out about Prince Make sooner. I love princess maker and would very much like to play this game in english. Please let me know about any other progress you have made.

31 03 2011

No, it is still being checked. I haven’t update the checking status because it has to be redone again and there are still a very long way to go seeing from the speed. I’m quite happy to say that MSN3 complete version alpha testing is going to be out tomorrow and after all the bugs are straighten out and really finish with it, the ppl from Alpha Game will be helping me with MSN2 English version.

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