Renascence(MSN3) News

11 07 2010

1st, there is a comment that has gone missing just now(I think). I’m not really sure what happened. I click approve and my internet was cut off. I close Opera with that site on to restart my pc. It might have refresh the page or something when I open it again. I’ve read the message and it’s to cheer us on. I’m really sorry and thank you very much. This is a reply to that disappeared post that says hoping to come out before summer ends(?): Braveness will only be out after Renascence come out because we have asked a favour from alfagame, so she’ll help us with the game compiling after finishing Renascence.
Actually, there has been a lot of news about the game in the alfagame main forum. Most of them about the development of the game. I have been a bit reluctant to post info everytime anything is announced because this site is mainly about Braveness translation and I don’t know if we will translate it or not. I have applied permission to post any news that they have here though. I’m pretty sure you guys are wondering how it is so far so I’ll give a rundown on some important features.

1st, Renascence will be in 2 parts since it has become a very big game. The 1st part is almost out according to alfagame. I can’t say how long since it is not announced but it should be sometime this year since they(alfagame) will not release any game development news and pictures anymore.

The source you can’t see anything because you need to log in and reply to that post. You can see pictures that are probably not posted here since I’m doing a summary. Click to see bigger picture.

::Jan News::

New Eden has 5 big continents. Different continents has different monsters and treasures, also there are exciting adventure events waiting for you to be discovered.
Caption: Adventure System

In New Eden, every race has different celebrations, celebrations will always have lucky draws. Do you wish to draw out the big prize that you always wanted?
Caption: Lucky Draw Guy

Caption: Get all same faces of Baiyu to win prize.

Candidates will join different competitions at different times.(Sparring competitions, art/writing competitions, decorum competitions) In these competitions, to make main chara to stand out, players must score in different types of mini games to get the upper hand.

Decorum competition:

Caption: Player must press the right arrow shown before it disappears to get marks.

Opening PV was also released in this news, please see this post for the PV:

More pictures after cut!!(Click below)

::Feb News::

Renascence will feature a dressing combination system!

Renascence will be in 2 parts. 1st part: “Sleeping Chapter” 2nd part: “Awakening Chapter”

Sleeping Chapter:

Players will be able to get some relationship endings. Available job endings will be civilian endings, abnormal endings(examples are shinigami, courtesan endings in Braveness), warrior type endings and art/writing type endings(opposite of warrior type endings).

Awakening Chapter:

Players can move over some data from Sleeping Chapter. Also will be able to finish all relationship endings and hidden relationship endings. Also the most important. King type endings.

::March News::


Game Interface:

Caption: Schedule your candidate’s monthly activities

Caption: Input your starting stats

Caption: A CG

Caption: CG album interface

Caption: Songs List




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