Jigsaw and Memory Game

19 03 2010

Made a Jigsaw and Memory Game from some freeware:

Jigsaw – Main Page


Memory Game – Travelling CGs

*Note: Only Unzip to Desktop. If you unzip it elsewhere you need to relocate the game file(princemaker.ccs) and sounds files manually when you open it. Open Conc.exe to play.




5 responses

21 03 2010

OH it’s very cute! 🙂
Is the memory game spoilerific to those who haven’t played the game yet?

22 03 2010

Not really, it’s easy to get those CGs. They are just travelling/going out CGs and only show him having fun in the 4 seasons of different age.

17 06 2010

Very cute looking mini-game! Can’t wait to see this in english.. a very big thank you to all of you for your hard work in getting it this far. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the day that you can all throw this to the masses as a finished product. ^_^

*gets a visual of a piece of steak being thrown to lions*

…. Yay? Uh. That was meant to be encouraging. Really. ^_^;

21 06 2010

Haha, thanks!
Your name reminds me of a GBA game, Riviera – The Promised Land. It’s a great game and reminds me a lot of the very old adventure book that you play by throwing dice and going to different pages after you choose a decision. You get to have endings with the different girls too.

23 06 2010

That’s actually what it’s from. I’m glad you played the game and got the connection! 😀

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