Useful tools for translators

5 03 2010

Note: Some tools are especially for game translators.
Here I’ll list out tools that I use, tell me too if you have any other good stuff that I don’t have.

Download Software:

TextCrawler (Freeware)
2.0 Beta version, portable:
I use this to batch find and replace some repeated words that go over a lot of files so you don’t have to open files one by one to search for that word to replace. Makes your life easier.

Translate.Net (Freeware, Need Internet, have portable version)
Tired of copy paste to different online translators? With Translate.Net you only need to copy paste once and it outputs to different online translation services for you to compare. Neat.

Client for Google Translate (Free version, Need Internet)
Best thing is, you just need to highlight the phrase you want to translate. Speeds up the process. No need to Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V

WordWeb (Free version)
This is a very good thesaurus which I always need badly to find the right words. It works as a good dictionary too.

Lingoes (Freeware, have portable version)
Great tool, you can downloads loads of dictionary in all kinds of language and thesaurus for using.

Online Services:

I don’t think I need to list out the obvious(Google Translate, Babelfish)
This is a great site as I always need a thesaurus but it always have some kind of error which is very irritating.

This is a very good place for people who want to study Chinese or English. It is a social network kind of thing too where you can find friends and converse. You can watch a short video of that word, step by step on how to write the word, lets you save the words you’ve learn for the day in a private library. You have to see the site to know what I’m talking about.

For me, I use it for translation when Google and Yahoo fail, they will mostly fail if it is a localized sentence or idiom phrase. nciku is a library made by some users(although I couldn’t find where to add in new words) It gives English and Chinese meaning too and I found what I want quite often in this site.

Other Useful Software:

FastStone Screen Capture (Previously Freeware now Shareware)
New 6.5 Version Shareware link
Old 5.3 Version Freeware link
Portable 5.3 version link
Recommended to use to Screen Capture anything wrong in the game(text out of dialogue box for example) when playing and annotate if want and send them back to me for correction later. (This is a tool for the checkers later but anyone can send them back to me)



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5 03 2010

For chinese to english or english to chinese translation,

I found this quite useful. You get to listen to pinyin sounds of those characters and yale prounciation for cantonese people for most words. You can also swtich from traditional to simplified and vice versa. Best of all, if you have java script then you are able to write the chinese word you want to find.
I hope it helps, best wishes to you all =)


6 03 2010

I sometimes stumble upon this site too when I need to search for a word with google when the others doesn’t help.

7 03 2010

I need free chinese-english translato, I haven’t got Internet in my laptop (I’m writing from my sister’s computer) Someone help me?

8 03 2010

I don’t think there is any free ones, only trials:

The next best thing if you want to translate game hooked text is a free popup dictionary where you just hover the text and it gives meaning.

8 03 2010

Everything is offline? Thanks ❤ I meet Ares and em.. Diels? (Demon Boy, you know XD) three or four times, they DON"T say their names and I didn't meet Ares in library. What a shame, my son's depressant AGAIN! =_=

8 03 2010

I think they say their names, at least you’ll call their name. But names don’t translate right.

8 03 2010

In place of name is “???”, I can’t see Ares’ house and in translation (my sis translate this for me) isn’t any names, or questions like “What’s your name?” =_=
Sorry, I’m just a Polish schoolgirl, so even English is a little difficult for me.

9 03 2010

Oh, it means they haven’t said their name yet(they haven’t introduce themselves). They’re still strangers that you meet sometimes.

9 03 2010

Damn.. I don’t know what I do wrong! He often goes to Demon World, he meets Ares, ans he goes often to the library, but Ares isn’t in library and I can’t visit his house. I’m stubborn and I’ll do my best! >///<

8 03 2010

Buh, anyone know how to open BGM.xp3 ? Prince Maker’s music is so cute..

9 03 2010

I don’t know how. My compiler might know but she didn’t give me any. I think most of the music are from some free sources somewhere on the net. Some are composed by their only composer in the group.

I think the current game they’re working on it’s going to be fully composed by people in their team(they have 2 now) because they want to release a BGM album this time. A lot of people ask for the BGM.

9 03 2010

I’ve got another ending. Who’s he? oo’

9 03 2010

The Market Researcher ending.

10 03 2010

Thanks~~~ I play again and he’s a waiter.. or something like it. This picture with cake and pink uniform. It’s so cute~ ^^

11 03 2010

That one is the Chef ending.

17 03 2010

Thanks a lot! You’re amazing! I ♥ you ❤

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