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22 02 2010

I’ve finished the translation so actually I have nothing to do now, might as well update this not so active blog. There is actually not much things to post about Prince Maker so I’m posting something that might be of interest. Tell me if you don’t prefer these kind of posts and only want relevant ones.

There are good Chinese doujin AVG/Assorted games out there but don’t think it’s very widely known as there are no English versions. Here is a list of it, most of the screenshots are not working though^^;;

Expand the arrows of year by the side:

Even though the above can still be viewed, the list is moved to a new place, the newer 2010 entries are not there like the APH Pain & Gain doujin game(very cute AVG + teacher/business sim game, I like it):
Scroll down and expand the year with the arrow at the side.

Most of the games I have not played but I can recommend a few really good ones:

+sleeping lily+ Mermaid Princess +

I play the tryout version(the full version is out already but have to buy) and really love this game. Why? The idea of you trying to figure out the murderer and find the promised person in a period of time on a big ship is really exciting(you saw the murderer and lost your memory). Futhermore, I love all the detective tools(fusion stuff, cleaning stuff, jigsaw pieces of paper, fix items), I don’t like jigsaw though. Quality is really good, the art is very nice.

Luna Bud ~Moon’s Daughter~

This game is AVG and TAB(Card Battle). Has GL pairings. I love the card battles in this game, for me is quite hard to master but very fun.  It seems that the opposing guy from the enemy kingdom(the one that you always card battle with, this Card Battle is real battle for your country) isn’t part of the pairings, WHY?! He is so hot 😡 Art is nice. Currently only the tryout is out. The full version later have to buy.




3 responses

23 02 2010

These look so nice… I’d love to play all of them. ;;

24 02 2010

I wish you can play too!

24 02 2010

Eheh, one day, maybe! If only chinese wasn’t so difficult…! ^^

Maybe if we manage to get this patch done and maybe when our team gets bigger (yeah, because having you translate EVERYTHING, well, I know it’s *a lot* of work ;;) we can also translate some of those games, eheh.

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