Renascence Opening Video

7 02 2010

Well, I won’t be posting much about Renascence updates(a lot of preview pictures and information stuff has been released already) but here is the opening video preview to enjoy. Hopefully you guys can see videos from Send a pm to rikiki in youtube if you can’t see the video and I’ll give you an alternative one.

Full screen:

Anyone can hear what she’s singing? I think in the middle she’s singing English…




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7 02 2010

I have told you already, but I LOVE this video and I also adore the song… it’s so soothing.

Anyway, I can see it from without any problem so I hope the youtube video won’t be necessary.

9 02 2010

Ever so gentle (or) Everything’s enchanted
Everything shines before me
Have you seen ????Horsey for me (sounds Like Rush name of a horse?)
???? ????? ????? A horsey for me
To the Lush garden

I could be WAY off

9 02 2010

So I asked in the forum, she said the song is mix France + Italian + Arabic (She didn’t said English but I think + English also but she didn’t include because I asked if everything is in English or not) Shortform is Mix language XD

10 02 2010

I know Italian but not French or Arabic so sorry I can’t help XD

11 02 2010

It’s ok, she said lyrics will be out when the game is out, there will also be a karaoke version.

12 02 2010

COOL Karaoke ^_^

I already love the music in this game you guys rock!

9 08 2010

The music makes me want to put this on loop and play~ The lyrics are a mush too me, although there were some French words… o_o”

…And are those three the generation from -Braveness-? XD

10 08 2010

Hi, thanks for taking interest. I’ve replied you via email. Yes, the three older ones inside the video is from Braveness.

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