Translation Status In More Detail

12 01 2010

*updated 14 June 2010
Rechecking and Rearrange are together, currently finished 22/104 scripts.

Unfortunately, I can do nothing to help my re-checker because she said the Chinese words help her(which helped me also when I do checking) and rearrange also cannot be done without her checking so this is the fastest(2-3 script every week) as she is the only one checking.

Due to some problems, recheck has been stalled for some time until the last update (28 March).
I’m personally very busy now. When I have my holiday I’ll help my re-checker arrange this so that this can finish faster.

Main Translation

The main translation that go over script the first time, mostly lots of errors and need checking because some of the terms are translated different(but same meaning) in different places of the script either because I’ve forgotten over time or I was being indecisive about some plural and singular terms like using a Deity or just Deities.

As you can see, the translation is finish.

jieju.ks – Ending (done)

jiejuchuxian.ks – Ending 2 that branch out more about pairing ending and how well you do your job (done)

aresjuqing.ks – Ares plot (the vague translation all written on paper already)

Rechecking Translation

Moving on now…

I’ve rechecked this a bit over time. This section includes finding lines that may have missed my eyes when translating and deleting all the Chinese text that I’ve left it at the side when translating.

Rearrange lines

Because in a visual novel game, there is a limit to how much text can each line contain so have to reformat/reorder the lines.  The about characters per line is 30 letters. Currently doing with checking together.




42 responses

23 01 2010

yay i am very happy about the progress on this game. I cannot wait until it comes out!

12 02 2010

WOW you guys got so much done already! KUDOS! Keep it up I’m rooting for ya ^_^

15 02 2010

YAY rooting for you guys! Keep it up!

*waiting patiently* ^w^d

16 02 2010

Thank you for your support! 🙂

21 02 2010

Hurray! I just stumbled upon this game today and now I’ve found this site… you’re so far with the translation progress already, I’m impressed!

I also can’t wait to see the end product, awesome job and thank you so much for doing this! ❤

21 02 2010

Thanks, I just finish it today but it’ll still be quite long before we actually release it.

21 02 2010

That’s ok, it’s pretty understandable as such things always take a while. I was just rejoicing over the fact that this project actually seems to be getting somewhere, keep up the good work~

21 02 2010

Good job! 🙂
Now we’re getting there…!

23 02 2010

I wanna ask about something.. Will you submite stats? Like:
Prince Ending
refinement; 500
intelligence: 300
etc etc… (it’s just an example! ^^”)

24 02 2010

Since I’m free now(and our blog needs posts also…), maybe I’ll write a simple one later. 🙂

12 09 2011

Uh, so.. Do you have the stats? Because, like, I played it again and got depressed ending..

15 03 2012

I just forgot about releasing the stats. I hope I didn’t lose it >.<
I'll try find it and get back to you.

23 02 2010

lol I see people from AF on here XD woot for advertizing lol

You’re 1/3 of the way done

*jumps for joy*

24 02 2010

Yup, thanks a lot. 🙂

24 02 2010

Oh my. I’m really happy to hear that! I’ll be cheering you on!

24 02 2010

Thank You~~! Gezz, an english translation.. If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up. *___*

8 03 2010

How is translation going? I can’t hardly wait! :3

9 03 2010

There isn’t any news yet from my translation checker yet. I need to ask her again.

19 03 2010

I was about to ask the same thing!
We wish her luck ^__^
Though now with it translated in Chinese as well maybe more translators will step up and help ^_^

30 04 2010

This is looking very interesting! I know some Chinese, so I’ve been playing the game; I know enough to get the gist of what’s going on, but I’m sure there are all sorts of little details that I’m missing. Good luck on getting the game all shifted over to English, guys!

30 04 2010

Yay, can’t wait for the release!
Thank you for your great job! *-*~
If I could help, I definitely would, but I suck with translating stuff xD

Keep up the good work! 😀

11 05 2010

There’s not enough of these kind of games out there, thank you! Keep up the good work. By the way, will this be a patch or are you releasing the game as an entire package? I was just wondering 🙂

12 05 2010

Hi! Thank you for your support! The plan is to release the game as an entire package, so those who downloaded the chinese version already will have to download the game all over again.

6 06 2010

Just wanted to leave a note to say I’m really looking forward to this, as I adore the Princess Maker series. 😀

7 06 2010

I’m really looking forward to that too. You are doing a great job, I can’t wait! =D

21 06 2010

I absolutely adore you guys for doing this.
Best of luck!
I hope this gets done before the end of the summer. 🙂

7 07 2010

Still 60%? Awww. I can’t wait~~

11 07 2010

Actually that is not very accurate because there is a change of plans. Couldn’t say much now but it is a good thing. The most sure thing is it will only be out after Renascence come out.

14 07 2010

are you guys still doing this then or is it on hiatus?
Would rather play this game then Renascence XD

14 07 2010

Not really on hiatus. Still checking in the meantime(checker busy if you’re wondering why there has been no translation updates). But will probably release it once they are free to compile this(after finishing Renascence part 1) even if the checking is not done. With the current speed of checking, it still need half a year to finish. But I’ll do one last check before sending it off to compile. Hopefully my translation is understandable. ^^; Sorry for the lateness. The problem with the delay is not because of checking but a compiling problem. I won’t go in details but I have no one to help me compile at the moment. That’s why it has been delayed long while I let someone do checking first. In the end, I have no choice but to ask alfagame for help and they are currently busy with Renascence. In fact, it won’t take very long now. I just check the forum and Renascence is DONE, test playing is going on now. I’m just not sure if we’ll be translating the other preceding games because of this problem.

17 12 2010

I see..well is there any updates on how its going now?

25 01 2011

Still checking. From what I see, it needs to be a lot of months before it is finished.

16 03 2011

Good work, y’all. How’s it going, ath new? :3

31 03 2011

Sorry. I didn’t see your post before. MSN3 alpha testing is going to be out tomorrow. I’ll post the non-alpha testing version when they allow it.

14 04 2011

Take your time! No need to get burned out. I’m cheering for you!

14 04 2011

Thank you. My checker would be happy to hear. Actually I’m not doing anything right now, just waiting.

18 04 2011

do you know when the english translation will be ready for download? Q.Q
(sorry for my bad english)

18 04 2011

No I don’t actually. Sorry >.< There isn't any schedule and it depends on the checker free status. I'll update the status around mid of next month(May).

15 06 2011

Wow, this is really great. o__O I didn’t even know these games existed until a little while ago, but I’m a huge fan of the Princess Maker games. I downloaded one of the games, but since I don’t speak Chinese I’m sort of just blindly pawing my way through…

Keep up the awesome work, and thank you for doing this!

3 09 2011

Please continue the translation!! Im a Princess maker fan and i discober this game today 🙂 thanks!!!

8 09 2011

Hello! I was wondering if you were still working on this? If so, how far are you from finishing? :3

Good luck with finishing this! ^^

19 02 2012

i was wondering what become of the translation project? the game is lovely, but at few points in it i really didn’t have a clue what’s going on. is the patch finished? if so, can i ask for some other link? megaupload has been taken down

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