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12 01 2010

::Prince Maker Endless::
The 1st Prince Maker they made, even though Braveness is the continuation of Prince Maker Endless but Braveness can be played without it. The character in Braveness is the same design as Endless so it is considered more of an upgrade(but the character is considered the Emperor of Three Realms before Braveness if you get what I mean)

::Prince Maker Braveness::
For this game, the head has recruited talented people in their own department(arts, music, plot writing) to get a higher quality game.

::Braveness Special: 1 Day MSN:: (Minigame)
MSN means young and pretty boy in Chinese(short form) which is bishounen if you’re more familiar with the term. This game is really interesting and cute. Talks about the day before new year and you have to run around New Eden to talk/bite/kiss/etc. people and npc to get their favour and get a date for the new year dance. Very interesting game.

::Braveness Special : Ares Story:: (Spinoff)
RPG Maker XP game. Just a normal RPG game. More like a spinoff based on the story I think but gives you some more story information to the Braveness game.

::Braveness Special : Ares Birthday flash game by BigStone:: (Minigame)
Because it’s good, his flash minigame has been released as an official one. Very fun game. Talks about you the player is sucked into the Prince Maker world and have to prepare a birthday cake for Ares.

::Braveness Special: Ares Birthday:: (Minigame)
This minigame is about hitting the enemies that pops up with a mallet, if you win that level you get some kind of ending, for me it’s very hard and didn’t get to finish -A-

::Braveness: Prince Maker Braveness .Origin::
This is the prequel of Braveness and talks about the life you’ve gone through in the Demon Realm before you go to the Human Realm. This game is not a simulation but a special kind of RPG, but also more to visual novel, but still taking care of a kid, can you guess who the kid is? Definitely a refreshing game and highly recommended by me to play.

::Prince Maker III Renascence::
The story continues after Braveness. It follows the storyline where Dean become Emperor of Three Realms, the kid you raised become the Human King. In this game, you are a teacher and the caretaker of the Deity kid. It seems that he has double personality. From the pictures and music released, it looks very exciting!

::Renascence Special 1: Freedom Days Aleno::
The story is about a Deity called “Aleno”, because of some reason, he/she left his/her hometown and lived in the Three Realm Kingdom for 10 years. After 10 years, he/she went back to his/her hometown. This game is about some stories happening in his/her hometown at that time. And these stories is what lead him/her to a different direction in the future. And this Aleno, later became the main character and the caretaker in Prince Maker 3.

::Renascence Special 2: The Valentine Disaster of Three Realm Kingdom::
The Valentine Goddess needs your help! Click on two person with same sex to get Gmarks, click on two person different sex to get Love marks. There are 3 modes, first one is Normal mode, CheckPoint Mode(you have to fulfill certain condition on each level), Time Attack Mode

::Renascence Prequel: Don’t Forget the Starry Sky::
To be added later when I played it…




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27 01 2010

Firstly I want to thank you for taking your time and effort to trying to make an english patch for this game. I’m really looking forward to the english patch of Braveness!
I download prince maker braveness orgin not too long ago and have beaten it \ ^ o ^/ I still haven’t unlocked all the pictures yet (somewhat stuck on that), but I fell in love with the characters already *drools* I loved the detailed heartfelt story and unique gameplay! It was very memorable.
I haven’t started playing braveness yet but I would glad help translate braveness orgins on my spare time (Although my chinese skills still lacking,
I could read around 60% of it; the rest i would look it up).
Please feel free to contact me by e-mail =)

Thanks again =D

27 01 2010

Hi K’. 🙂
Thanks for your interest.
I’m a part of the team even though I’m not one of the translators, I’m just the image/video editor.

Our plan is to provide an english patch for Braveness and, if it goes well, start working on some other Alfagame games.
I’m not sure whether Braveness: Origin would be our next project or not (personally, I can’t wait to play Renascence, ahah). But that’s a possibility, of course! 🙂 It depends on the general interest surrounding these games.

I’ll forward your comment to Rikiki_angel (she’s the main person behind this project) and see what she has to say about it. Actually, she was looking for more people with chinese skills not long ago to help with the script translation/revision so she might contact you. 🙂

Thanks again! 🙂

4 02 2010

yes please finish with these ^___^ I look forward to it greatly.

13 09 2012

Thank you for all the hard work! It’s hard to believe, but I actually come to like Prince Maker: Braveness more than Princess Maker 2. The story is pretty engaging and I keep wanting more.

Unfortunately for me, I want to know a lot more. Too bad, it looks like Endless will never be translated and English Braveness Origin would not happen anytime soon.

Please, could some kind soul give me a summary of Endless and Origin plot? I really want to know more. Braveness keep hinting that there’s a lot of back story going on, but there’s no way to know them short of playing Endless and Origin.

P.S. I am really happy to know that Prince Maker 3 English version is the next project and I am willing to patiently wait for that patch like everyone else.

14 09 2012

I personally don’t know the plot in Endless because I never played it. I’m pretty sure the story is different but the plot is similar. Meaning, it is probably the same where the demon boy found out about the core and what it is to be Emperor of Three Realms. I have a reason to believe this because the Chinese name of Braveness actually is Prince Maker “Beautified Version” which probably means it’s a beautified/upgraded version of Endless. About Origin, I think I’ve forgotten much. I wanted to translate Origin though(Originally, I wanted to translate this before MSN3 but I made a poll or something and MSN3 got more votes but that was a long time ago before MSN2 even come out). I’ll probably translate Origin after MSN3.

Origin is about the time before the player(caretaker) went to the Human Realm to take care of the boy. He/she(I’ll just use “he”) was the head of the prestigious Lante family in the Demon Realm. One day, he found a beggar boy in the dark street and took him home. He is Dean. You adopted him to be your brother. However, he is not a simple beggar. He has ties to the royal family(erm, I forgot the whole story about this but I know he has ties to the royal family and because of his unusual eyes). You were also investigating about your mother, the previous Lante head(Your mother was the caretaker of the demon kid in Endless if not wrong I think). During the years, you’ll be teaching him how to fight and use magic. You’ll also adventure to the Deity Realm and meet little Ares. Unfortunately, you don’t see your cute kid in MSN2. Basically, I forgot the whole plot…as to why he has to adventure and fight and stuff.(It was 5-6 years ago since I played it.) At the end, you left demon realm to find your mother which continued in MSN2.

Maybe K’ still remembers the story. I’ll ask her.

14 09 2012

Thank you! Origin sound really fun, it’s good to know that there’re plans to translate this game.

So Dean got to spent years with the player before he/she take off to be someone else’s guardian… I don’t know if I should feel squick or ship them even more.

Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.

16 09 2012

The basic story is as written above. The reason why Dean fights is for the player and himself. Through out the story, its shown that his destiny is unavoidable (royal family ties) and he must become stronger in order achieve his dreams.
The game itself is very visual novel base with a side of mapping battle system. To progress through the game you must go through battles. The story will be set in three phases/arc, there will be side quests for every arc besides the main ones (allows you enter next phase).
These side quest will either give you an item or special cg, after doing them. Each quest as a mini story that either ties in with the story or just fun events that you and Dean will experience.
These side quest is event triggered so you would need to explore around in order to find them. Once you progress through the main story into the next phase/arc, its impossible to go back and redo them.
Thus, make sure you complete every side quest before you progress into the next phase/arc.

There will be a lot of affectionate moments between the player and Dean. Ares as a child will show up in the game as well, you can possible get an ending with Ares too.

16 09 2012

The battle system, unlike MSN2, is a little bit more map turn base strategy and less graphics. Its a bit more complex but its not too hard once you get use to it. The game offers an in game tutorial to walk you through the battle system, and will provide additional help notes in your menu page (afterwards).
You do not need to worry about not knowing what to do.

I don’t really want to spoil the story for others so everything said above is very vague and general. If you still have more questions, please elaborate on what you want to be explained. This is for getting better idea on what you are looking for or is interested in.

17 09 2012

Thank you very much for taking your time to answer me.

“… you can possible get an ending with Ares too.”

Huh? I thought Origin is all about Dean and the player, and Ares will just appear as a cameo or something. How could you get an ending with Ares and what is it about?

I know you don’t want to spoil anything, but can you tell me the story of Endless? I understand that Origin English version could happen, so I should just wait for it. I see no plans to translate Endless though.

To be precise, I want to know more about the Lante family. Braveness refer to the last election a lot, it made me wonder about them.

So did you play as the player’s mom in that game? Lilis sound very ‘dedicated’ to Rex, what’s the story behind that? Did the player exist in Endless?

For being the previous human candidate, Phillip look absurdly young, and what is this whole ‘shadow’ business anyway? Why are Lucifer, Phillip and Lilis such influential figures?

What’s the deal with Ares’s and Dean’s guardian? All I could glean from Braveness is that Ares’s is an alcoholic and that nothing is known about Dean’s (new?) guardian except he/she is a great sorcerer.

18 09 2012

I think K’ haven’t play Endless either. I forgot what it is about but there’s an ending which is a CG with Ares. I think it is not marriage/couple ending(forgot).

What “shadow”? I couldn’t remember anything about shadow?

Ares and Dean’s guardian are not very important in Braveness, Ares guardian is only mentioned as Nephew of Lucifer or some relative(forgot).
Pretty much Ares and Dean are independent and their guardian doesn’t really look after them like you did.

18 09 2012

Is Endless that bad compared to Braveness?

“What “shadow”? I couldn’t remember anything about shadow?”

I don’t really get it, but Phillip and Lilis both said that they are shadows. Phillip pretty much mention it out of the blue, and Lilis said that the power of Pure made her into one or something.

I’m just wondering if Dean even got a new guardian. The way Twilight worded it, people know nothing about this mystery person (not even a clue about gender). Made me wonder if our ‘select gender’ main character is still considered Dean’s guardian.

I’m playing Origin right now (really can’t wait for the English version). The combat’s not bad, but since I don’t understand Chinese I don’t really know how to use ‘items’. Or how to get better equipment. Or how to finish those side quests I triggered. When it come to boss fights, I have to rely on level grinding and luck too much for my taste.

Please, could you give me some advice on combat?

18 09 2012

I can’t really answer the question regarding Endless but I can help you with Orgin XD

There are too types of items you can get. One is your equipment or potions you can either get from quest or shops. The other items you can get are called “fairy spirits” which enemies will drop or you can get them in battle ( the green sun icon that appears on the field from time to time).
They are for battle use, depending on what you get, you can amplify your magic attack with them.
They basically act like summoning circles, in which you can place on the battle field. Placing them in a specific formation will allow you to access your magic. There are 3 formations, 3 in a row which is like o o o, the T shape and the ultimate cross. You can only place one “fairy spirit essence” on one spot and will take up one whole turn. You may move around the map but once you have place the “spirit essence”, the formation must form around it. You cannot put multiple formation on the map.

Magic splits into 4 categories, Dark, Light, Water, and Fire. The more you use them the more experience you get from them and they will level up.
You will be able to use, higher level magic. The more experience you gain from magic, the better your attributes are. Fire magic increase your attack power, Dark will increase your magic power ratio, water and light is either HP or defence.
As you may have guessed, there are elemental advantages such as
Water > Fire, Light > Dark. I don’t remember the exact advantages but it is mentioned in the beginning of the game.
Each magic has different traits as well, there are damaging spells, passive spells.

level1 magic spells only target in a one space area directly around you.
– o –
o X o ( “X” meaning where you are )
– o –

Even with the ultimate cross form summoning circle, it would only amplify your attack but not significantly. It takes longer for you to set up, so you might not want to use it if you are low on health.

I think level 2 or 3 magic effects in a row and column. The entire row that you are in and column that you are in will be effected.
– o – – – –
o X o o o o
– o – – – –
– o – – – –

Level 4 magic will directly attack your opponent.
The map sometimes generate items for you to get, they only last 5 turns so if you are going to get them get them quick. Try not to let the opponent at it, although they won’t get powerup ( don’t think), it would probably fade away when they are there.
These items range from protection from magic percentage wise, HP gain
, summoning “fairy essence” items, direct cast magic (without the pattern summoning circle) (they will only go for level 1 and 2 magic depending on what it says).

So making sure to use your field towards your advantage is an important thing.

Also I want to note, You don’t exactly have a level for your character, the only level grinding you do is actually magic grinding. If you do not use magic, then the battle experience will be divided equally among the 4 magic groups. The percentage of experience is way lower, than casting magic directly, so make sure you use magic often =)
Its hard to finish side quest without knowing what the hell its saying =\
It requires you to run errands or go to a specific point in the game.
I recommend you use a chinese dictionary/translator to help you or wait for the english version.

18 09 2012

I’m using a translator, but the broken English could only take me so far. The fact that graphic words can’t be translated made things much worse. I guess I will try to finish those side quests, when the English version come out. T.T

The formation thing sound so complex. So I have to use the ‘spirit essence’ and put it in formation. Then I could use magic anytime and not only when the pink magic symbol show up??

18 09 2012

I did a check and only found Philip saying shadow. Erm, it is a wrong translation. XD I was probably not thinking right when I was translating it. He means after he has went into seclusion(become a hermit/recluse), he came back to see his sister once. There are actually some things I translated wrongly and found out later. Like it is not church but temple. And, actually the hotel is a bar. In Chinese, bar, hotel, restaurant, inn is similar and can mean any other in real life, I had a big trouble over this last time. And in the game, visual cues are low(not much graphics to help out) and I translate part by part most of the time. But later after the translation is released, I managed to read through some of the dialogue again and get the context better. So I can confirm that it is a temple and a bar… I’m not sure if I should change the church and hotel by now though because it is a keyword. The shadow thing yes, I’ll change it in the next patch.

I don’t think Endless is that bad, at least the story shouldn’t be bad. I think it’s because the graphics doesn’t look good because the author draw it herself. She call it fail. But it has a lot of endings and look much much more like Princess Maker 2 with the icon placing and stuff. And Endless use the very old
Love Maker by Enterbrain(the company that produces the RPG maker 2k, xp, vx, vxa and other game making software) and has some problems because she don’t know how to code at that time(even Braveness has some small gameplay problems). Love Maker has some big problems and a lot of ppl couldn’t run it even with WinXP(not to say Win7). That’s why I didn’t give a download.

The combat in Origin is not hard actually after you understand it. It’s quite easy to master and kind of fun. But you have to read the instructions. I first did not read it carefully and have to restart the game just to re-read.

What K’ said, you just need to avoid direct contact with the enemy and try to engrave your magic formation as fast as possible. Most of the time you’ll be running away from the enemy while engraving, if you have direct confrontation click your mouse fast to throw him away(otherwise you’ll be fling out which is not a good idea if you’re halfway engraving your magic). After that lure the enemy to your side to activate the lvl1 magic(I always use that and you’ll get used to it). You have to go and grind the small enemies outside for the engravement items. I’ve got stuck at one time because I don’t have enough and couldn’t win a boss fight and have to restart from an earlier save.

Yes, you can use the magic anytime once you finish engraving the shape. You don’t have to be on top of it. Your enemy also no need to be on top of it. The pink thing is the random item/effect?

Do you need a draw Chinese character output software? Where you draw a Chinese character and it’ll recognize it as text and you can paste it in a translator. I have a good one and I personally always use it because I have no idea what it’s called or when I have problem typing it out. The program itself is a standalone software and no need to install.

18 09 2012

Oh god, you don’t need to be on top of the formation to use magic?! To think I could have save a lot of reload if only I have known that. By the way, is there anything I could do to make the bosses stop spamming magic on me? Magic damage output is ridiculous. Seriously, 600 damage when my max hp is around 2900. Sometime I died before I could even get near them.

It’s alright. Thanks for the offer, but it turn out that I had more problem with winning battles than finding side quests. No translation software could help me with that.

18 09 2012

I forgot if its darkness or Light magic that up your magical defence stats, but try to train those two before entering a boss battle.
If you have the blackish red closed wing like symbol on the playing field, those are use defend against magical attacks. The effect itself is random everytime but it will say the percentage reduction and for how many turns.
The red yellow transformer-like symbol had random effect, you either get HP or get damanged in a explosion.
green sun symbol gives you “spirit essence” random
pink crest will allow you to use magic without placing summoning circles. (only level 1 and 2 magic)

Try not waste your time making the ultimate cross formation. Although its handy when you want to attack anywhere on the map and have strong damage, if you don’t sufficient magic barrier you are givingthe enemy more chances to cut your HP.
I sort of find close range battle is an option, some enemies have low physical damage and cause higher magical damage. Also depending on what magic skills you have been training, your physical defence may be stronger than magical. Go for the close range battles then while you try to place your summoning circles. (T formation are the best).

18 09 2012

Thanks for the tips. Most of the side quests remain undone, but I have beat the game! Really good writing right there. I like Dean and Ares even more now, and I can’t think of the player character as an avatar anymore. She has become her own character. (I think the story flow better if this character’s a female)

And Renascence’s story is supposed to be even better?! Nice to know that the series would continue to improve. Too bad that mean I have to save Renascence for later and play Origin in English first.

I can’t thank you guys enough for everything from providing download links to game translation. I’m glad I found this series. It’s a lot of fun and great nourishment for my gamer soul.

19 09 2012

Well, the Braveness player by default is female in Renascene. But, you can play it without playing Origin since there isn’t much connection between the two.

I wouldn’t say Renascene story is better(I like Braveness more but Renascene is also very touching, it’s more about self discovery rather than the world since we already know about what Emperor of Three Realms is about) but it has a lot of things to keep you busy every month and it has a lot of things that make it a very fun gameplay experience.

New features include diary system(Baiyu writing diary on what he wants and you try to fulfill it), chat system(collect different kinds of topic to chat with Baiyu), memo system(you still know what to do next by looking at this in case you play it a few months later), job mission system(you don’t get a job ending unless you apply for it), lottery, minigames for competition, fun adventure, and you can select the ending job you want if you have completed more than 1 job interview(save a lot of time), it also has extras and rewards section(once you fulfilled some specific request, there will be extra small stories(with CG) to pick at the rewards section, like the MSN2 players become kids because they eat some weird stuff, it has nothing to do with main story). The player has personality in this one and he/she has his/her own schedule. The player also has ending. There are lots of other things.

I have to say this game has break out from the Princess Maker system since it plays quite differently. Plus you can mix and match clothes and accessories so it become a bit of a dressup game(collect clothing items woohoo) too. Although, I wish there are more clothes to get. You can see my old posts about MSN3 features.

19 09 2012

“…there’s an ending which is a CG with Ares.”

Wait. You mean, there’s more than one ending? Are there hidden story threads or something? I thought the story is pretty straight forward… Is it those side quests? I thought you just have to talk to people a lot to trigger them. Are there special requirements to trigger and finish them?

About the saving Renascence for later thing. It’s just that Renascence’s game play sound so awesome, Braveness could pale in comparison. I am pretty much trying to save the best for last… So the story might not be really better than Braveness? Time to lower my expectation down a notch. Just a notch.

21 09 2012

Hi, sorry for late reply. I was having my final presentation today and I had to prepare some stuffs.

I don’t remember but I think that’s it. There’s not much ending in Origin.

It’s just the story is very different compared to Braveness(but it’s more about character development and self discovery since we know about the world in Braveness). It is really good actually, there is a very good suspense and mystery to discover the truth about a lot of characters and past and the core(now he’s a character 🙂 ) and other things and the plot twist is great as well. It is much more well developed compared to Braveness. I think it is a great feat actually to have all of the main characters(8ppl) have their own story development. I think a lot of ppl like Renascene’s story better especially those who play Renascene first. If you see the forum activities and fanart/fanfic in the official forum, those are mostly about Renascene only. I might have some kind of attachment to Braveness.

But a lot of ppl coming from Braveness feel some kind of shock value that they have trouble accepting when playing Renascene, just a warning. XD Some are big spoilers so I’m not saying. But some common ones are, your kid in Braveness become some kind of weird uncle with beard. Some previous characters missing or become unimportant NPCs.

22 09 2012

For Origin, Yes there is, well its more like you get a few words and a special Cg scene end of Ares. If you are collector like myself, you might be interested in getting that.
You need to choose some options and visit places in a specfic order (at the right moment) to trigger an unique event, in order to get that ending. This probably make less sense when you don’t understand what is going on. You might want to wait for the english patch =)

24 09 2012

I promise I’m going to shut up after this.

While my hunt for Endless download link is a total failure (I knows you said that Endless is pretty much unplayable, but I’m so curious), I do manage to find a download link for the Ares story spin off. Do you want it?

24 09 2012

You can actually them from the main forum, even without registering:

25 09 2012

Just now I didn’t have much time to reply properly.
It’s ok. You can chat as much as you like. I’ll probably give out more and more spoilers. 😛
To download Endless, you find the first “点我下载“
You may need to use applocale if it can’t open.
If it still can’t run then I don’t think it can run.

I have finished my first run of the MSN3 prequel. The last bosses endings are really really hard. You might ragequit if you didn’t play properly and get all the right engravements. It is another tear jerking… Ok, this game actually talk about Dean’s second son. I still can’t figure out who’s Aleno’s father(I kind of can guess who’s the mom though). Maybe I have to get all the endings first. So many character vs character endings to collect. Probably need to play 10 more times. I think I have to put it aside first and continue after I pass up my assignment. Too much procrastinating T.T

25 09 2012

Thank you for your kind words, but I really shouldn’t continue to be a bother. So I’m going to shut up for a good long while… before commenting like crazy again.

OK, so I finally could download and get Endless to work. Too bad, ITH doesn’t work very well with the program or something, so I don’t understand jack. Oh well, I tried.

10 more times! Wow, this prequel sure has a lot of replay value. The game play sound pretty unforgiving though. Although it probably will be easier than Origin.

Sound like the creators really favor touching stories. I guess it’s safe to assume that all their main releases would be tear jerking. I’m surprised to hear that the prequel made a guessing game out of Aleno’s parentage. Is it suppose to be an amazing secret or something? Oh and good luck on your assignment. ^^

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