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17 04 2014

Hi, remember this?:

Seems you can ask the creator anything here. Recently she posted that this one can still be used to ask about TTS2 & MSN Endless Remake. If anyone want to ask anything I can help ask or maybe you can directly ask(no login required)

Some of the more interesting Q&As are:
TTS2 main character is girl, not a band (But she consider that future TTS you can group band, I see a lot of requests for this also). It’ll have the same background which happen a lot of years after TTS1 at another city. It’ll have a lot of clothes to change from the amount of clothes currently done. This time will have CGs, have different facial expressions. Also will include life after ending. Can have own concert. Randomness happening during date is currently in works. Got love rival or not? Creator said it is a secret(but I think got)

Currently TTS2 & MSN Endless Remake is developed in parallel by different groups. So she’s not sure which one will be out first. It’ll depend on which group done a faster work.

MSN Endless Remake will introduce whole new characters to woo. Also, the same as other Prince Maker, the player can woo other characters also.

MSN4 will take place a loooooooong time after MSN3 according to creator. I hope it’ll be a bit sci-fi-ish setting in space(Sci-fi is MY FAV genre).

Deity candidate Lucifer in MSN1 remake

alfagame April Fool’s announcement

1 04 2014

They’re announcing a sequel for their Time to Star game. This is NOT April Fool(I’m so good and didn’t post the April Fool joke here that they posted before announcing the true one :P)
Title will be《偶像之路》, it translates to “The Road to become Idol” literally. Doesn’t have an official English name yet.

They will be trying out new things with the system with the sequel(like how they did with MSN3 compared to MSN2). If it goes on smoothly, the creator said it will be out on Summer Holidays.

Here are the theatrical posters of the 2 main male characters of the game(Is this going to be the male equivalent of Time to Star? I hope it is):

Prince Maker Endless remake

26 03 2014

More great news. It seems they are working on the remake too, with reworked storyline, new characters to woo and much more. Coding is half finished!! Also, she said April 1st has a big surprise for us!(April’s fool?) Currently inviting ppl to join their game making team.

There’s also a video accompanying it although not much is shown other than the title screen:

Prince Maker 3 to get a Japanese translation

6 03 2014

The author has announced a translation for Japanese for MSN3. Also, adding Japanese voice overs. So, they’re looking for Chinese->Japanese translators and Japanese voice actors. This is good news for people who can read Japanese.

Also, they’re moving Time to Star to IOS which will be done by Hydrozoa which has made some games/moved some of her games to IOS.

So I ask about English translation in the weibo post about this news and if it’ll be done after the Japanese translation, she said will consider if the Japanese translation is successfully done since for English translation also need to find people and quality checking.


4 02 2014

This game is out download here(Click the picture that has “PRICE”):

You can watch OP and game preview here(Warning, this video contains spoilers):

I have finished the game. I feel the game can improve by showing item name when mouse hovering over it cause there are small things that is in the middle of 2 other things that I think is clicking at the same things. It got me stuck for  a long time. My initial feel is, wow this game screen is big cause it covers my whole screen and it is a side scrolling game. My screen resolution is 1280×800.

Troubleshooting: If you didn’t see the OP movie and directly go into the game, you have to install codec. I have this problem because I use VLC player where the codec is self contained. After you download the free K-lite codec and install, this problem will be solved. This game has quite a few short movies in between and also the end so you’ll have problem understanding if you didn’t solve this problem.

The game is rather short and got 2 endings. After you get the first ending(you can only get the first ending on first playthrough), you can restart the game again playing another room with different puzzles so it’s like a continuation after the first ending, not a replay of the same puzzles to get a different ending. It has something to do with the storyline to be played like this. The puzzles are not particularly hard to solve, but I got stuck because I didn’t know that thing can be clicked.

The game has two parts to solve, one is item solving where you try with anything with everything. (like normal adventure game). Another is mystery solving where you’ll collect ‘clues’ and need to combine 2 clues to get and answer and combining different answers to get a conclusion.

Voice acting is a little bland, can be improved. “The Liars” has great voice acting though with 冷泉夜月 ‘s voice having a towering effect. (That game only has 3 characters and one is a dog that can’t talk, the other is the main chara that doesn’t has much lines). In this game, he doesn’t has that many lines but he returns as the same character, Grim.

The story revolves around the title “PRICE” where you have to pay a price for your wish to be granted. The story has connection with “The Liars” and probably a good thing if you played that one first.

Warning, the true ending is not a happy ending. The game is not scary at all though. No screaming, nothing suddenly jump out to scare you. More like solving puzzles and mysteries to know your past. The more you know, the closer to doom you’ll be. The game also has a lot of cute chibi faces of the main chara when you click on stuff which decreases the any leftover scariness.

This is a great short game with good graphics and music and interesting story to solve. I have a lot of fun. Totally recommended.


28 01 2014

Seems like this free horror game will be out around this Chinese New Year season. The author is that Sherlock Holmes Gintama, which I’ll refer him as “Yetu or Night Rabbit”. So the cast(voice acting, OP singer, etc… will be the same talented people).

This game is more appealing to me than “The Liars” cause I like this kind of art style. I actually went to take a look at playthrough of “The Liars” some time ago and found that it is not scary at all(although, I still don’t like horror themed anything). There is no sudden things coming out that scare you or the likes or any scary screaming. But prepare for some chilling hysterical laughs of someone going insane… It’s actually more like an investigation puzzle game. The story is actually quite good too(cried a lot). The voice actors are quite amazing. I really recommend this if you don’t mind a bit of horror elements. “The Liars” is a remake of an old game “Namu”.

Somehow, I feel that this new game looks more scary than “The Liars”. This is a Room Escape game if you’re familiar with the genre.

Ok, here is a game scene

OP screenshot(it seems Night Rabbit always put out English intro for preview which he does for “The Liars” also):

Ok, they remind me of Rin & Ren somehow :P…..

OP preview video here:
OP song should be this one but not put in the preview yet by the talented TetraCalyx:

No website so if you want to follow news of this author you need to have a weibo account and follow him:

Time to Star

22 01 2014

I just finished the 2nd round of this game. Don’t have much time to play T-T Need around 4hours for each run.

Goal of this game is to be a superstar and conquer all kinds of entertainment: Singer, Model, Host, TV Star & Film Star.

Also, as an otome game, you’ll have 8 guys to get an ending with, which is the 8 that you see in the main menu below:


Yes, you’ll ask why there is a pink girl there(other than yourself in the middle). Well, in usual alfagame humor,……… that is actually a cross dresser guy.

This game is quite hard and you need to try everything to find out where to meet the guy you want to woo. I think I never met any during my outings(or maybe I just missed cause I never paid attention where is me when a meeting happens).

During my first run, I just play without thinking much to get the hang of it. I met with this childhood friend(the guy with glasses on top of his head) which takes my fancy and decided to woo him during 2nd run. Well, not only that, it’s because I think he’s the easiest to woo(real reason). But I still failed. I manage to get him as a boyfriend but it’s too late which is just a few weeks to ending. (You have 157 weeks total). From what I see, this guy is still the easiest to woo out of all cause he likes you from the start, and he’ll always come to find you later on after you advance his plot.

When you start the game, you’ll be given 2 modes to choose. First one is Money restriction, lowest is 0 and highest is infinity. And you start with 100000. 2nd one is lowest 50000, highest is 200000, and you start with 50000. Obviously the 2nd one is harder.

Also, you if you don’t like your starting stats, there is a button to randomize it infinitely. Pretty useful cause it can get one of your stats to as high as 2400 sometimes. Pretty important for strategy planning.

The game schedule is rather free cause you can schedule 1 day and execute that 1 day only, or you can schedule for a lot of weeks and execute all at once. For your convenience, you can repeat the same schedule as last week with a click of the button.

Your schedule has 4 big parts, Notice, Train, Work & Relax. “Notice” is when you accept work from an agency which has a deadline and sometimes only at certain days of the week. So if you accepted multiple notices from different agencies(you can’t accept more than 1 from the same agency so the most you can have is 4 notices from modelling, singing, tv & movie), you need to juggle around so that you don’t miss deadline.

“Train” is when you choose a training from the artist training agency, you will be given certain days to complete the training before you can proceed to the next tier(got 3 tiers and each needs more money). Also training has a limit. You’ll find that it can’t go higher when you reach a certain point and you need other ways to raise a certain stat.

Work is work. Mainly to get fame and money in the beginning. You start off with only 1, street performing, and the only way to unlock others is to go to the fortune teller house. The fortune teller can’t increase love & friendship for you, too bad. You can only ask how is your relationship with a certain person.

Relax is where you go for outings, decrease your stress and gain/decrease weight.

Here is the game menu:

The angel and devil wings icon is your social reputation. If you always talk and be nice to others, that angel wing will light up and you’ll get news that you are well-liked among your peers. That prize cup icon will only appear after your first run and displays relationship related(after you get it), otherwise, it’ll be empty.



Executing schedule will display this screen  above and a chibi you which has an animation. Also a variety of news will pop up during schedule execution. A very useful thing is that you can force stop schedule by right clicking so that if any important news pop-up, you can stop your current schedule and follow-up with the news

This game has a few short-comings due to reusing old art and resources. The obvious part is that everyone has only 1 avatar, no facial change. No pretty event CGs at all. Music is a bit mono-tone but they are original cause they are composed 8 years ago when the game author was in the university game club.

The game is pretty solid and I have a lot of fun planning schedule & playing. Well, Playing 2 times is enough, I’m off to find guides.


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